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Autumn Layers...

Chalet, Megan Salmon

Left: Chalet t-shirt tunic dress, with accessories.  Middle: Megan Salmon "Blockprint" dress.  Right: Chalet wrap jacket, worn over Understudy "The Dream" tunic and Obi leather pant.

Bold and Dynamic!

Obi, Code and Cashews

Left: Obi military jacket worn over Code "Cupid" pant.  Right: Code "Lonely Hearts" dress worn over Cashews petticoat.

A Walk on the Autumn Side...

Euphoria, Madeleine Charles, Chocolat

Left: Euphoria "Solemn Skies" top.  Middle: Madeleine Charles "Lulu" layer top.  Right: Chocolat "Maraca" top.

Flower Power

Madeleine Charles, Megan Salmon, Deeanne Hobbs

Left: Madeleine Charles "Sophia" dress worn with Magazine "Bella" dress and TF jacket.  Middle: Megan Salmon "Roses" skirt.  Right: Deeanne Hobbs "Roses" dress worn with Magazine "Bella" dress and Jellicoe lace duster.

Cool, Calm and Casual; New Season Chalet

New Season Chalet

Left: Chalet two-tone jacket.  Middle: Chalet marble dress and cardigan.  Right: Chalet t-shirt dress.

Autum; Where Fashion Meets Function...

Obi, Jellicoe, Chocolat and Megan Salmon

Left: Jellicoe dress over Obi "Sweet Child" pant.  Middle: Chocolat "Zoe" top over Obi pant.  Right: Obi "Mystic" shirt dress worn with Megan Salmon "Covent Garden" skirt.

Frank & Molly Loves Autumn...

Frank & Molly Autumn

Left: "Akachi" sweater in Tempo blue stripe.  Middle: "Banded" dress in Magnolia.  Right: "Slouchy" sweater with "Baker" pant.

Trans-Seasonal Wonders!

Code and Madeleine Charles

Left: Code "Connect the Dots" jacket.  Middle: Madeleine Charles "Lucia" jumper.  Right: Code "Lonely Hearts" dress.

Sensationally Versatile!

Magazine Bazaar Obi

Left: Jackie Peters zip jacket over Magazine "Sensational" tunic and Obi pant.  Middle: Bazaar "Dark Cross" shell top worn with Cashews cami and Obi "Marble Arch" skirt.  Right: Magazine "Sensational" tunic worn over Magazine "Bella" dress.

A True Lace Story...

Cashews and Megan Salmon

Left: Cashews tutu with Jane Yeh jacket.  Middle: Megan Salmon "Wessex" tee and "Covent Garden" tutu worn with Chocolat jacket.  Right: Megan Salmon lace story.

David Carmody and Jackie Peters...

Jackie Peters and David Carmody

Left: Jackie Peters "Aztec" dress with Lauren jacket.  Middle: David Carmody chiffon shell tunic with trim, worn with TF stretch satin pencil skirt.  Right: Jackie Peters sparkle top worn with Magazine "Palm" pant.

Monochromatic Beauty...

Obi Deeanne Hobbs Euphoria

Left: Obi exclusive print shirt worn with Euphoria "Punk Deluxe" top.  Middle: Deeanne Hobbs "Squares" hoodie worn with Redhead satin cross tunic.  Right: Euphoria exlusive print tunic.

Let Your Colours Burst!

Magazine Exclusives

Left: Magazine "Sensational" tunic with "Bella" dress and Rubi Michel bolero.  Middle: Magazine "Moda" silk tunic.  Right: Magazine "Calypso" tunic.

Understated Glamour

Moss and Magazine NZ

Left: Moss "All We Are" dress.  Middle: Moss "Surrender" Blouse.  Right: Magazine "Boxy Tee" with Chocolat leather pant.

New Season Styles!

Catalyst Deeanne Hobbs Chocolat

Left: Catalyst "Darjeeling" coat worn with "Mystic" shirt dress.  Middle: Deeanne Hobbs "Royale Drop Box" dress.  Right: Chocolat shirt dress.

Summer Days, Summer Sale!

Chocolat Euphoria Obi

Left: Chocolat "The Rose" dress.  Middle: Euphoria black & white dress.  Right: Obi "Storm" silk tunic dress.

New Year; New Wardrobe Winners!

Magazine V2 Chocolat

Left: Magazine "Sensational" tunic worn with Chocolat double layer dress and Lauren jacket.  Middle: V2 Diffusion dress worn with lace bolero.  Right: Chocolat "China Doll" silk dress worn with TF jacket.

Our Sale Continues...

Summer Sale

Left: Chocolat lace top.  Middle: Madeleine Charles "Watermark" silk dress.  Right: Obi "Poppy" pleated dress.

Sale Now On!

Now In Sale

Left: Swish tunic.  Middle: Frank and Molly "Rose" tunic.  Right: Swish "Roses" soft coat.

Prints, Ruffles and Frills - Oh My!

Prints, Ruffles and Frills

Left: Magazine "Claire" tunic dress.  Middle: V2 "Diffiusion" jacket worn with Zardi top and Cashews pant.  Right: Euphoria "Volatile" top over Cashews cami and pant.

Seriously Versatile; three looks, one dress!

Versatile Fashion

Left: Magazine "Lisa" dress worn with Rubi Michel sparkling bolero.  Middle: Magazine "Lisa" dress worn with Euphoria "Punk Deluxe" top and Cashews pant.  Right: Magazine "Lisa" dress worn with HSL striped hoodie.

From Boardroom to Cocktails

Three dresses, three ways

Left: Eve Hunter multi-tiered dress.  Middle: Redhead satin bolero worn over Cashews floral dress.  Right: Eve Hunter emroidered lace dress.

Classic, Crisp and Fresh!

Fresh Lime

Left: Orientique embroidered dress.  Middle: Madeleine Charles silk top with cami and Cashews Bow pant.  Right: Madeleine Charles jacket with Redhead "Cross" top with Cashews cocktail pant.

Say Hello to Colour

Colour Is Your Friend

Left: Euphoria 'Hit the Lights' tunic with two Magazine Bella slip dresses.  Middle: Obi top with TF/Zardi dress and Magazine Bella slip dress.  Right: David Carmody bolero worn over TF striped tunic and Lucabella pants.

A Stand-Out Moment

A Stand Out Moment

Left: Madeleine Charles Paloma soft coat with Cashews frilled petticoat.  Middle: Megan Salmon striped dress.  Right: Madeleine Charles dress and cropped jacket.

Black and Gold; Classic and Classy

Black and Gold

Left: Magazine Double Delight tunic dress.  Middle: Magazine "Oroton" dress and jacket.  Right: Mr K. lace and chiffon dress.

Madeleine Charles Soft Coat Couture

Madeline Charles

Left: Imogen vest dress (worn as a coat) with Emily shift dress.  Middle: Paloma coat with Marnie tee.  Right: Roxy duster with Imogen tunic.

Madeleine Charles: Simply Beautiful!

Madeleine Charles

Left: Jasmine layer top with Valentina tank.  Middle: Alice layer top with Imogen tunic.  Right: Jasmine tunic dress with Emily shift dress.

Cool and Casual!

Cool and Casual

Left: Chocolat Check It Out jacket with Cashews pants.  Middle: Mr K. layered dress.  Right: Frank & Molly jacket with Chocolat pants.

Feel Young, Go Vibrant!

Young and Vibrant

Left: Purple Patch layered dress.  Middle: Magazine tunic dress with Obi Glow top.  Right: Jackie Peters dress.

Style; It's An Individual Thing

Style An Individual Thing

Left: Redhead tunic with Lucabella pants.  Middle: Obi tunic with Cashews white all-in-one and Cashews frilled petticoat.  Right: TF jacket with Euphoria lace top.

New Season: Frank & Molly

Frank & Molly

Left: Frank & Molly Mayfly Tee.  Middle: Frank & Molly King V Neck Akachi Leaf.  Right: Frank & Molly River top in Piazza Blue.

Linen And Lace

Linen And Lace

Left: Chalet linen dress.  Middle: Chocolat cropped lace top.  Right: Chalet linen dress and jacket.

Spring Fashion, Wear It Your Way!

Spring Fashion

Left: Chocolat Lauren jacket with Obi georgette top and Chocolat pants.  Middle: Jellicoe duster with David Carmody spot dress and Cashews frilled petticoat.  Right: Cashews georgette top with Chocolat frilled fantail dress and Magazine Bella slip dress.

Getting Ready For The Seasonal Shift

Seasonal Shift Surprise

Left: Obi Storm silk shift Middle: Magazine Rosa tunic.  Right: Cashews striped tunic.

Glam It Up This Spring!

Chocolat Mr K Madeleine Charles

Left: Chocolat Tucked tunic.  Middle: Mr K gold and black dress.  Right: Madeleine Charles soft sleeveless jacket, Chocolat Lauren jacket with Chocolat layered dress.

Gorgeous Spring Colours In-Store Now!!!

Left: Jellicoe jacket with Chocolat pant.  Middle: Chocolat Lauren jacket, Magazine Claire tunic with Chocolat layered dress.  Right: Laura K dress.

Some of Our Favourite Pieces Currently On Sale in Store Now!!

Fabulous New Seasons' Styles are instore now from Obi, Euphoria and EDesign!

Left: Obi Ponti Leather Skirt, Euphoria Basic Instinct Top, Obi Leather Patch Jacket  Middle: Euphoria Tryst Top  Right: Obi Leather Pants, Euphoria Mad About The Hue Dress, Euphoria Basic Instinct Tunic

Left: EDesign Traveller Cardi  Middle: Obi Grappa Top and Leather Patch Pants  Right: Euphoria Moment of Brilliance Top

Left: Obi Tattoo Art Contrast Shirt, Obi Leather Patch Leggings  Middle: Lucalbella Panelled Zip Pants and Baroque Print Top  Right:  Euphoria Slip of a Thing Dress and Chaos Theory Top


I have been invited to a function and my first thought was "what should I wear?!" but my second thought was that the [Magazine] girls at Takapuna will sort me out... they know fashion! -June

After loving so many pieces on your website, I decided to drive up to Palmerston North from Wellington and what great fun I had!  Jan was amazing, helpful but never pushy.  The shop and service were spectacular. -Lynn

The Takapuna ladies [Adele, Lois and Wendy] have been fantastic fashion stylists and advisors to me over the years, they are worth their weight in gold. -Alison

I am so impressed by Wendy [Mt Eden], she is pleasant, charming and very helpful.  Her advice, honest assessments and professional support were so appreciated - I feel lucky to have met her! -Lynne

Thank you Ali and Maria [in Mt Maunganui] for your amazing, friendly care. There truly is always something special at Magazine. -Charmaine

As a Mother of the Groom, I have been impressed by the level of service offered to me by Jan [Palmerston North].  Her honesty and helpful manner have been really appreciated. -Mary

I visited your Tirau store looking for something to wear to my daughter's wedding.  I am five-foot-nothing and have a big bust so it can be hard finding something that fits.  Erica was fantastic!  She made me feel special and was incredibly helpful, getting me to try on lots of dresses I would not have even considered; the first outfit ended up being the winner! -Carol

I want to say "THANK YOU" to Elaine [Pukekohe store] for the help and guidance with my outfit for my son's wedding.  I was so pleased I could get everything I needed at your store.  I felt great and had many compliments on my outfit.  Thank you again. - Shirley

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