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Style; It's An Individual Thing

Style An Individual Thing

Left: Redhead tunic with Lucabella pants.  Middle: Obi tunic with Cashews white all-in-one and Cashews frilled petticoat.  Right: TF jacket with Euphoria lace top.

New Season: Frank & Molly

Frank & Molly

Left: Frank & Molly Mayfly Tee.  Middle: Frank & Molly King V Neck Akachi Leaf.  Right: Frank & Molly River top in Piazza Blue.

Linen And Lace

Linen And Lace

Left: Chalet linen dress.  Middle: Chocolat cropped lace top.  Right: Chalet linen dress and jacket.

Go Bright, Go Blue!

Go Bright, Go Blue

Left: HSL lace bolero over Obi Summer Drape dress.  Middle: Rear shot of first outfit.  Right: LS Collection duster with Obi Jane A Romance dress and Magazine Bella slip dress.

Spring Fashion, Wear It Your Way!

Spring Fashion

Left: Chocolat Lauren jacket with Obi georgette top and Chocolat pants.  Middle: Jellicoe duster with David Carmody spot dress and Cashews frilled petticoat.  Right: Cashews georgette top with Chocolat frilled fantail dress and Magazine Bella slip dress.

Layer Upon Layer Of Warm Tones

Collage 18 August

Left: Obi Dijon top with Cashews cami, Jellicoe skirt and Cashews Petticoat.  Middle: Jellicoe dress with Cashews Petticoat and Magazine Bella slip dress.  Right: Jellicoe jacket, with e-Design Dijon top, Cashews cami and Obi pants.

A Black And White Kind of Feeling

Black And White

Left: Mr K zebra top with Cashews crop pant.  Middle: Cashews chiffon ruffle tunic with cami.  Right: Magazine Double Delight tunic.

Getting Ready For The Seasonal Shift

Seasonal Shift Surprise

Left: Obi Storm silk shift Middle: Magazine Rosa tunic.  Right: Cashews striped tunic.

Glam It Up This Spring!

Chocolat Mr K Madeleine Charles

Left: Chocolat Tucked tunic.  Middle: Mr K gold and black dress.  Right: Madeleine Charles soft sleeveless jacket, Chocolat Lauren jacket with Chocolat layered dress.

Gorgeous Spring Colours In-Store Now!!!

Left: Jellicoe jacket with Chocolat pant.  Middle: Chocolat Lauren jacket, Magazine Claire tunic with Chocolat layered dress.  Right: Laura K dress.

Some of Our Favourite Pieces Currently On Sale in Store Now!!

Adele from Takapuna modelling in the North Harbour Club Fashion Show

Left: Mr. K gold/ink Dress, TF soft coat. Middle: Euphoria Orient Express Coat. Right: Chocolat Velvet Tunic, Chocolat Hush Coat, Jackie Peters black Satin Pants.

Our lovely Claire modelling for Magazine Clothing in the North Harbour Club Charity Fashion Show!

Left: Obi black and white print shirt, Obi leather leggings.  Middle: Madeleine Charles Shirt with wrap, Obi leather Leggings. Right: La Source Fur Vest, Euphoria Pure Heroine top, Obi Leggings.

Introducing Our New Label to Magazine - REDHEAD!! More Exciting Styles to Come!

Left: LS Collection Coat Middle: Redhead Floral top, Madeline Charles orange silk vest, Obi leather leggings Right: Chalet Top, Overland Collection Faux Jacket, Obi leather leggings

Stunning Winter Warmers for these Chilly Days

Our Beautiful Outfits from the Auckland Bride and Groom Show!

Gorgeous winter coats in store now! Don't miss out!

Fabulous New Seasons' Styles are instore now from Obi, Euphoria and EDesign!

Left: Obi Ponti Leather Skirt, Euphoria Basic Instinct Top, Obi Leather Patch Jacket  Middle: Euphoria Tryst Top  Right: Obi Leather Pants, Euphoria Mad About The Hue Dress, Euphoria Basic Instinct Tunic

Left: EDesign Traveller Cardi  Middle: Obi Grappa Top and Leather Patch Pants  Right: Euphoria Moment of Brilliance Top

New Seasons' Styles are Arriving Every Day - Don't Miss Out!

Left: Rubi Michel Lace Bolero, V2 Diffusion Tulle Skirt  Middle: Magazine Bella Dress, Sensational Tunic, V2 Diffusion Short Jacket  Right: Cashews Lace Slip, V2 Diffusion Long Coat

Left: Obi Tattoo Art Contrast Shirt, Obi Leather Patch Leggings  Middle: Lucalbella Panelled Zip Pants and Baroque Print Top  Right:  Euphoria Slip of a Thing Dress and Chaos Theory Top

Left: Chalet Dress  Middle: V2 Diffusion Dress  Right: Magazine Bella Dress and V2 Diffusion Dress

Left: Obi Stripe Contrast Top  Middle: Crystal Waters Sleeveless Dress  Right: Chocolat Velvet Hush Coat

Left: E Design Striped Coat  Middle: Lucabella Pants and Tunic Top  Right: Obi Leather Patch Pants, Chocolat Tuck Top and Jellicoe Soft Coat

Left: Chalet coat  Middle: Chalet Coat and Chalet Scarf  Right: Chalet Top and Jacket

Left: Zardi Dress  Middle: Obi Leather Patch Leggings, Hall Top and Obi Jacket  Right: Jacki Peters Skirt and Frank and Molly Top

Left: Lucabella Tunic Top and Madeleine Charles Vest  Middle: Lucabella Tunic Dress  Right: Frank and Molly Sequin Dress and Madeleine Charles Vest

Magazine Clothing - Your Favourite Destination for All Things Autumn!

LeftL Chocolat Leather Patch Leggings, Madeleine Charles Shirt and Soft Coat  Middle: Madeleine Charles Paris Shift  Right: Chocolat Regal Dream Dress

Left: Frank and Molly Sequin Dress Middle:  Frank and Molly Coat  Right:   Madeleine Charles Paris Shift and Jacki Peters Velvet Coat

Fabulous New Autumn Pieces from Jellicoe, Jacki Peters, and Chocolat

Left: Jacki Peters Tunic Top and Pants with Jellicoe Crop Jacket. Middle: Jacki Peters Pant, Jellicoe Tunic and Jacket. Right: Jacki Peters Pants and Jellicoe Tunic

Left: Jacki Peters Pants and Top. Middle: Jacki Peters Pants and Chocolat Crystal Clear Waters Tuck Top. Right: Jacki Peters Pants and Chocolat Fountain of Life Dress

Left: Eve Hunter Dress, Jacki Peters Soft Jacket. Middle: Magazine Bella Slip Dress, Magazine Sensational Tunic, TF Jacket. Right: Magazine Bella Slip Dress, Magazine Sensational Tunic, TF Jacket

Fabulous New Seasons Styles Arriving Daily!

Beautiful Ethereal Pieces from Obi

Left: Obi Crystal Sleeveless Dress  Middle: Obi Crystal Dress  Right: Obi Crystal Soft Coat

Sale Time at Magazine!

We have a huge selection of beautiful summer and transeasonal styles 20% - 50% Off! Don't Miss Out!

Fabulous New Pieces Just in For Christmas at Magazine!

Left: E-Design Cross My Mind Top, Miriam E Jacket  Middle: TF Jacket, Magazine Melissa Dress, Magazine Bella Slip Dress Right: Chocolat Tuck Top

The Auckland Magazine Girls Taking Over the Restaurant at Their Christmas Celebration!


Left: HSL Hooded Jacket and Cashews sleeveless dress  Middle: Cashews 3/4 pants, Cashews Top and TF Jacket  Right: Cashews pants and Cashews sheer zip over dress

Left: Magazine Silk Tunic and Cashews 3/4 Pants  Middle: Cashews pants, Swish Linen tunic and V2 Diffusion Jacket  Right: V2 Diffusion Dress and Chocolat Lauren Jacket

Our Gorgeous Magazine Carnival Tunics - Fabulous for our beautiful summer weather!

Left: Violet Magazine Carnival Tunic Middle: Sky Floral Magazine Carnival Tunic Right: Melon Floral Magazine Carnival Tunic

Beautiful Rich Purples for all Occasions!

Left: Laura K Dress Middle: Jellicoe Tunic and Linen Pants Right: Magazine Cotton Tunic and linen pants

Just a few of the fabulous new pieces in from Chocolat! Be in quick - they are already selling fast!

Left: Spirit Coy Dress  Middle: Spirit Coy Tuck Top  Right: Peaceful Drift Duster

Left: Swish Zebra Linen Shirt  Middle: Magazine Carnival Tunic  Right: Cashews Sheer Zipped Tunic

Left: Magazine Carnival Tunic Dress Middle: UBU Reversible Coat Right: Magazine Claire Tunic

Left: Magazine Bella Slip Dress and Sensational Tunic Middle: Laura K Dress Coat Right: Laura K Suit

Left: Laura K Dress Middle: Cashews Sheer Zipped Tunic Right: Magazine Bella Slip Dress and Sensational Tunic


Left: Chalet Linen Pants, Cashews Tunic Top, Jellicoe Over Top. Middle: Frank and Molly Dress. Right: Cashews Pants and Cashews Tunic Top.


Left: Chocolat Lauren Jacket, Jellicoe Tunic, Cashews Pants. Middle: Orientique Dress and Jacket. Right: Jellicoe Tunic and Cashews Pants.


Beautiful Floaty Florals from Swish!


Left: LS Collections Soft Jacket, Chocolat Slip Dress. Middle: Jellicoe Cardigan, Lucabella Top, Chalet Pants. Right: LS Collections Tunic, Chocolat Slip Dress

Left: Mr K Soft Jacket, TF Slip Dress, Magazine Bella Slip Dress. Middle: Chocolat Lauren Jacket, Magazine Sensational Tunic, Magazine Bella Slip Dress. Right: Mr K Soft Jacket, Magazine Sensational Tunic, Magazine Bella Slip Dress

Left: Zardi Dress, Cashews Ruffle Slip. Middle: Orientique Dress  Right: Chocolat Tunic, Ruffle Slip


We have it all this week at Magazine! Bold Patterns, Bright Colours, Fabulous Accessories, Lace - Beautiful Fabrics and Gorgeous Styles! It's going to be an exciting spring at Magazine!

Left: TF Tunic. Middle: Zardi Kaftan Top. Right: Frank and Molly Maya Tunic.

Left: Laura K Dress. Middle: Chocolat Sequin Tunic. Right: Mr K Dress


Left: Magazine Bella Slip, Sensational Tunic, Chocolat Lauren Jacket. Middle: Magazine Bella Slip, LS Collection Tunic, TF Jacket. Right: Magazine Bella Slip, Sensational Tunic, TF Jacket

Left: Magazine Hepburn Jacket, Outrage Beaded Dress. Middle: Miriam E Dress and Soft Coat. Right: Euphoria Flower Child Top, Chocolat Vintage Dress and Magazine Bella Slip


Our Fabulous New Seasons' Magazine Label Pieces are Extremely Popular - Don't Miss Out!

Left: Magazine Sophia Dress, Chocolat Soft Coat. Middle: Magazine Bella Slip, Sensational Tunic. Right: Magazine Bella Slip, Sensational Tunic, Chocolat Lauren Jacket


Fun, Floaty and Flirty Spring Florals!

Left: Swish Caftan and Frank and Molly Pants Middle: David Carmody Caftan, White Pants Right: Magazine Carnival Tunic


Introducing our Fabulous New Label Madeleine Charles!

Beautiful Silks and Cottons, a delight to wear - more gorgeous colours in store!

Left: Stella Dress. Middle: Amalia Tank, Black Pant. Right: Sybella Coat



I want to say "THANK YOU" to Elaine [Pukekohe store] for the help and guidance with my outfit for my son's wedding.  I was so pleased I could get everything I needed at your store.  I felt great and had many compliments on my outfit.  Thank you again. - Shirley

I have become a "regular" at your Mt Eden store; Lisa is fantastic and knows what I like, so I always leave smiling.  I recently discovered 'Jellicoe' and LOVE it so much that now Lisa txts me when new stuff comes in.  Magazine is my all time favourite! -Kaye

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy shopping at your Takapuna store.  Adele and Lois are very helpful and full of good suggestions, I often come out with more than one piece of clothing even though I was only there to look.  It is very unusual to get the great service they provide, and it keeps me coming back.  Thank you for the great shopping experience. -Fiona

I am a regular customer at your Mt Eden store. I love the clothes but have little confidence in my taste or my ability to find things on the racks and so particularly appreciate the wonderful service that Lisa provides. She has a really good understanding of what I like and goes to great lengths to help.  The last time I visited she was wonderful as I was agonising over an outfit for my son’s wedding. I am very grateful to her and for dependably good and friendly service - Bronwyn

[The outfit] arrived this morning; I had to write and tell you I am so happy; it is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING !! Far exceeded my expectations; it’s just brilliant. The colours and fabric are magnificent. Thank you so much for your help - Ellie 

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